Hidden Colors is the name of an ongoing documentary filmseries directed by Tariq Nasheed and produced through King Flex Entertainment, to explain and describe the marginalizing of African Americans in America and the world. All three films were funded by separate Kickstarter campaigns.

In 2011, CBS Atlanta called the original Hidden Colors film “controversial”.

A review stated Nasheed “has a seeming total inability to separate gibble-gabble from revealed truth, vital social concern from talk about Chemtrails and digressive subchapters with titles like “The Hidden Truth About Santa Claus.” The reviewer praised one contributor, Michelle Alexander, who the Voice noted was the only woman in the film, saying that “Her well-reasoned discussion of the American penal system is compelling, but it’s an embarrassment that she should be placed alongside the likes of Dr. Phil Valentine, a metaphysician whose malarkey about AIDS (“the so-called immunity system of the homosexual”) is a low point, as is Umar Johnson’s lionization of the late, unlamented Gaddafi and the odd nostalgia for segregation that runs throughout.”

BET noted “The topic of racism in America has been an ongoing conversation throughout the course of American history”. Calling Tariq Nasheed a “New York Times bestselling author, public speaker and radio host”, they noted his wish to deal with the issue head-on. They concluded their review by stating “To date, the Hidden Colors series is one of the most successful Black independent documentaries.”