Hunting Dad Posts Pic Of 8-Year-Old Daughter Girl Eating Raw Deer Heart

NEW ZEALAND — Proud New Zealand papa Johny took his little girl Chloe hunting earlier this month. When she killed her first stag, she ate part of his heart, leading the internet to erupt with opinions.

At a friend’s farm, dad Johny and his 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, spotted a deer from roughly 40 meters away. Chloe grabbed her dad’s 7mm-08 and aimed it at the stag, using her dad’s shoulder as a leaning rest. It was a tricky downhill shot, but Chloe hit the deer right on target. After they made sure their kill was dead, they opened him up and cut out his heart. In what some are calling a native ritual, Chloe then bit into the “warm, quivering heart.”

Sharing his pride with the world, Johny sent in their hunting photos to the New Zealand Woman Hunters club on Facebook. Despite an initial 20,000 shares, the post has since been removed after many online started taking shots of their own at little Chloe.

One user called her a psychopath, while others ones called her evil, and messed up in the head. Many took aim at her dad, but some did come to their defense, arguing that feeding the low-grade meat at McDonald’s to children is far worse than taking a bite out of a fresh deer heart.

Responding to all the online hate, Chloe’s dad Johny remarked “Lions do not care for the opinions of sheep.”