“Everything is possible,” is the motto for the buzzing Reggae artist IamStylez. He has come a long way from being in a music duo with a classmate in a small town in Jamaica to recording with John Legend; IamStylez has made everything possible for himself. IamStylez’ new single “Light up the Night” featuring John Legend, is a meaningful collaboration that sets the tone for the release of his upcoming album. On Monday, April 3, IamStylez announced the name and  displayed the artwork for the album slated for release in August 2017. The album is called Back to My Roots and it will feature 13 tracks including “It’s a Pity” and “Tic Likkle”. 

IamStylez blazed summer sixteen with his dancehall tracks “It’s a Pity,” and getting the girls to bubble with “Tic Likkle,” these records gave him the nickname “The Drake of Dancehall.” Having over 800k views on Youtube, endless streams on Spotify and SoundCloud “It’s a Pity” made its mark on the dancehall scene last summer- and definitely, has his fans anticipating his new tunes. 

Spending his childhood weaving through neighborhoods in Jamaica, IamStylez learned how to acclimate quickly in any given surrounding which has allowed him to remain current and in tune with his audience. His versatility can be credited to his “rolling stone” upbringing. 

IamStylez has been musically inclined from a young age. He was impacted by artists such as Michael Jackson and Vybez Kartel, naming the latter as one of his major influences.  He wants to affect his fans in much the same way both artists has impacted his upbringing.  

His spirituality guided the creative process for the new single “Light up the Night,” he explains how when making music he attempts to turn back time and take his dancehall listeners to a feeling only going back in time can excite. IamStylez and his team have been in the lab working on just that with new video and single releases in the upcoming weeks.

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