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An Instagram model with a reputation for her rump was slapped with charges relating to stolen credit cards — but says she’s been “falsely accused.”

Angelina Van De Wiel pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal possession of stolen property in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday.

The prosecution had requested bail in the amount of $10,000 — Judge Kate Paek released Van De Wiel on own recognizance.

Van De Wiel, better known to her fans as @mayadutch, had some 225,000 followers on her account before deleting it after speaking to The News on Monday.

On March 6, a guest at the swanky Dream Downtown hotel in Chelsea reported her wallet missing to police. The wallet contained a credit and debit card, as well as a gift card to Rag & Bone, according to the criminal complaint.

Cops looked at security video and saw that Van De Wiel used the gift card at a Rag & Bone store.

The owner of the wallet also told cops the Amex had $23,000 of unauthorized charges on it — and that the debit card had some $5,000 in unauthorized charges, the complaint further alleges.

When cops showed her a still pic from the footage, she “identified herself in the video and admitted to making the purchase,” according to the complaint.

“I received a gift card from my friend,” she told The News when reached by phone.

“This is really pretty crazy because the gift card I received was obviously stolen,” she added. “I had no idea that it was whatsoever.”

Van De Weil, who lived in New York City but now resides in Florida, said she was cooperating with cops.

“I actually flew in from Florida to go talk to the police,” she said. “I don’t think anybody that will be involved in this will actually go and fly from so far.”

“The whole thing is a mistake,” said Van De Weil, 25.

The Dutch derrière model nonetheless spent a disturbing night at The Tombs in lower Manhattan, where she went without food and slept on the floor, she said.

Van De Weil came to the U.S. from The Netherlands by herself when she was 17 and is trying to make her life better, she said.

“I just hope that everything goes out the way as soon as possible,” she said.

She is due back in court on June 29.