DJ Absolut releases the unreleased version of Jay Z “Black Gangster.”

With a banging mixtape show on hot 97, successful bi-weekly mixtape sales at nationwide mom & pop stores, as well as a reputation for keeping the hottest parties alive throughout the globe, DJ Absolut is the hottest young powerhouse in the game right now.

DJ Absolut first learned the in’s and out’s of the business during his internship at a up and coming Stress magazine in 1997. “I was just pounding the pavement, ” he says, while recalling long hours of going above and beyond the call of duty to learn how to be skilled in building successful business relationships. Everyone from music moguls and artists to behind the scenes hip hop hustlers recognize the potential and talent in Absolut. His positive attitude later lead him to become a member of the Heavy Hitters, an exclusive group of the hottest world reknown dj’s including Dj Enuff, DJ Camilo and DJ Felli Fel. Abso exclaims at any given moment, “Im just happy to be apart of the winning team!”

Today, DJ Absolut is taking it one hard working day at a time. With recognition and features on BET, MTV, THE SOURCE, XXL and VIBE he is rapidly gaining popularity for both his excellent technique on the turn tables as well as a sharpened ear for the hottest hip hop and R&B. In addition, production is a major priority for Absolut and his company, Addicted for life. Check Abso out every Wednesday night from 12-2 am on Hot 97 and look out for his classic debut album to be released by Koch Records later this year.