If you’ve kept up with the whole Tiger King fiasco that kicked off at the beginning of the pandemic, you’re probably familiar with the name Jeff Lowe. The giant cat keeper took over for Joe Exotic when the latter was imprisoned, but now it looks like Lowe is getting the boot from Tiger King park.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Lowe allegedly owes over $10,000 in unpaid rent and other damages. It’s expected that he pay the fine and remove himself from the premises by noon on October 22nd.

Sources told the gossip site that Lowe’s wife, Lauren, turned up to court to represent him, sharing that her husband was at home taking care of their sick kid. She asked the judge for an additional month before the family would be evicted, but the request was promptly shut down.

Back in June, PEOPLE reported that the couple had been arrested for DUIs just two weeks after the Oklahoma Zoo had been raided by federal authorities – talk about an unlucky streak.

The article reveals that Jeff and Lauren were both booked around 4 AM, and along with the alcohol-related charges, the former received one for changing lanes improperly. Things may be looking bleak right now, but it sounds like Lowe has a plan. He told TMZ  that he plans to “move the zoo to a new, still to be determined, location.”

Back in September, the Tiger King subject also made headlines when he stepped up to the plate and offered to claim the body of his co-star, Erik Cowie, after he tragically died at just 53 years old. RIP.

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