Cathriona White, the girlfriend of Jim Carrey, was reportedly found dead from an apparent suicide on Sept. 28. As more heartbreaking details about her tragic death come to light, here are 5 things to know about the late Cathriona.

She was so young! Cathriona White was only 30-years-old when law enforcement officials reportedly discovered her lifeless body inside a Los Angeles home. The girlfriend of Jim Carrey, 53, allegedly killed herself with a reported drug overdose. As authorities piece together what led to her sad demise, let us learn more about who this woman was.

1. Cathriona was from the Emerald Isle.

Cathriona was born and raised in Ireland but she moved to California to find work as a makeup artist, according to the International Business Times. She clearly was proud of her heritage, as her social media accounts reflected her background. She was “LittleIrishCat” on both Twitter and Instagram.

2. Jim and Cathriona started dating in 2012.

It may have been love at first sight between the Ace Ventura funnyman and the Irish beauty. The two started dating after they reportedly first met in March 2012, according to the Daily Mail. However, their first try at romance didn’t last more than a year. “I did go out with an Irish girl,” Jim reportedly told the Irish Independent in March 2013. “We’re not seeing each other anymore. But she is lovely.” When Jim first spoke about her suicide, he said her death hit him like “a lighting bolt.”

3. She reportedly got back together with Jim in 2015.

Two years after they broke up, Jim and Cathriona reportedly got back together. In May 2015, they were spotted holding hands while walking the streets of New York City, reports US Weekly. The two reportedly rekindled their romance and were together up until her alleged suicide. She reportedly said she broke up with Jim in her alleged suicide note, reports TMZ

4. She had a big family.

Cathriona had a sister named Lisa White and Cathriona was a beloved aunt to reportedly four nieces and three nephews. Cathriona often posted pictures of her cherished relatives to her Instagram account. In fact, a week before her reported suicide, Cathriona shared a pic of three of her sister’s kids when they went back to school.

5. Cathriona had plenty of interests and hobbies.

In addition to her make-up work, Cathriona was interested in biking, travelling, cooking, home decorations and even sports. She shared pictures online from both a Los Angeles Kings hockey game and a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game. She even reportedly began to practice Transcendental Mediation a year prior to her death.

Our thoughts and condolences continue to go out to Cathriona’s family and loved ones, as well as to Jim, during this sad time.