A little while ago, we showed you exactly how frustrated Lakers fans are with their team at the moment. The Lakers haven’t been able to land a single free agent over the last 36 hours, and there’s a growing belief that Kobe Bryant might be forced to go at it alone—again—next season. So Lakers fans are lashing out on Twitter right now.

They’re not the only fan base that’s losing their shit, though. As you’d expect, Knicks fans are, too. Unlike the Lakers, the Knicks did manage to sign a free agent today when they agreed to a deal with Arron Afflalo. But they’ve also missed out on signing any of the big names that they were reportedly targeting. Most notably, Greg Monroe decided to sign with the Bucks instead of the Knicks today, which is just…insane. Can you imagine a guy choosing Milwaukee over New York City a decade ago?!

The Monroe signing has a lot of Knicks fans upset. But none of them are more upset than Joe Budden, who just went on a very passionate Twitter rant about his team. He has since deleted a few of the tweets he originally sent out, but here’s what he had to say

Joe Budden Just Called Phil Jackson and the Knicks Out on Twitter