A Connecticut bankruptcy judge told rapper 50 Cent that if he’s pleading poverty, he better start acting like he’s broke.

“There is nothing funny going on here. This is all very serious business,” Judge Ann Nevins scolded the rapper, also known as “Fitty,” whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

“I am not trying to impede on anyone’s right to exercise free speech. But I would appreciate it if we can keep the tone of this case very serious,” she warned in a Hartford courtroom Wednesday.

“You have all been advised. This is not funny,” she added.

Nevis was likely referencing the “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” rapper’s recent social media postings, including one on Instagram that showed stacks of cash in his refrigerators.

In another Instagram shot 50 Cent is posing in front of a black BMW i8 with a toy model in front of it and the comment, “One for the

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