Dear Q

I was with my boyfriend Q (Lee O’ Denat) CEO of empire WorldStarHipHop.com for about 4 years since 2009.
I was announced Queen of WorldStarHipHop in 2013 on his Instagram page (@QWorldStar) with a picture of his
face tattoo I have on my upper left side.

We use to run a fake web reality show on his website WorldStarHipHop.com and created the Kat Stacks online persona,
he testified in Immigration court to the Judge with a written statement that the “Kat Stacks persona” was all fictional for views for his website.
Lee Q’ Odenat attended court and paid all my legal fees including my family’s rent for almost 2 and a half years of being detained.
He also wanted to marry me, but the lawyer advised him not to.

In 2013, I was released from Immigration custody with a Permanent Resident Green Card for being a victim of Underage Sex trafficking and Domestic Violence.

Q Lee O’Denat wanted to be the first one to have sex with me when I was released from Immigration, but I refused stating that I wanted to get married before sex.
Q Lee O’Denant stated he had 3 kids and can’t get married at the moment. We still remained in contact, Q Lee O’Denat told me to stay at home and not host
any parties or do any projects to make money. He wanted me to stay home, and publish a book about my life story. While I wrote the book for his publishing company he would deposit $3,500 a month. I signed a contract with WorldStarHipHop Publishing around January 2013.

Q Lee O’denant claimed I couldn’t publish my own book I wrote and it had to be edited by Farrah Gray’s editor Rene, so I handed over my book I wrote while
detained in Immigration Custody.

Q Lee Odenat turned down TV shows for me to do with Wendy Williams, Bravo TV and many other projects such as Music videos with Rappers because he didn’t
want me around any other men and would ask me if I had sex with anybody when ever I went out. He made me change my hair color to Blonde and Brown, and
made me wear long dresses and wasn’t allowed to post half naked picture on Social media such as Instagram,Facebook and Twitter.
Q Lee Odenat purchased a 10K Gold Chain for me with the WorldStarHipHop Logo as a gift for being “Loyal” he said to me.

Q Lee Odenat also created a non-profit organization named “Admire Andrea Saving Lives” with my then manager Sarah, he didn’t want me working with a male.
By May 2014 the book “Admire Andrea Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives” was finished, but after reviewing Rene’s editor work I didn’t AUTHORIZE it.
Rene wrote fictional paragraphs claiming I was “Stabbed” and made me sound like a “Mobster” instead of the victim that I was
claiming it will equal more sales. This is all in file on HipHopMorning.com after we had a twitter-online altercation.

Book had to be re-written, a new editor “Tessi Patrick” was hired. Q Lee Odenat paid $10,000 for butt implants surgery while the new book was being written.
Sarah the manager was fired for not looking over the Misspellings and Grammar errors found in the new book.

Admire Andrea Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives was set to be for sale October 13 , 2013 as documented.
But I became jealous at Q Lee Odenat new artist who he allegedly by rumor was having sexual encounters with. He named her 1st Lady of WorldStarHipHop.
After a verbal argument. Q Lee Odenat deleted my email Andrea@WorldStarHipHop.com , deleted my website Andrea Herrera, changed my Facebook password, blocked me
and deleted my Instagram account “@QueenWorldStar”

Q Lee Odenat stopped sending me $3,500 monthly.

2 months later, Q Lee Odenat paid $3,500 for my rent. Spent $2,000 down payment on a new car for my mother and $500 to retrieve his chain I pawned.
I was having trouble with Q Lee Odenat because he kept post poning my book release date every other week, then claimed he would release it online
and not paperback by Thanksgiving of November 25 2013.

By January 2014 , Q Lee Odenat and I broke up again after a verbal altercation, he said he wouldn’t put the book out and work with me unless I took
medication like his baby mother for being Bipolar. I refused to take medication.

Q Lee Odenat sent my mother $1,500 and said he wouldn’t pay any of my bill unless I took medication. Months passed by and I asked for forgiveness , I pleaded for him
to release the book and pay my rent because the Party hosting shows weren’t enough money and I lost all contacts for TV show offers since he deleted my email.

Q Lee Odenat refused to release book.

I hired an attorney in Atlanta , Donald Woodard who contact Q Lee Odenat to either release me from contract or Publish book.
Q Lee Odenat lawyer Justine Wineburgh went back and forth with personal issues and claimed there was no book written by me and it wasn’t finished.

My lawyer Donald Woodard advise me to publish the book on my own.

I went to 20 different publishers and Q Lee Odenat scared all of them off with his lawyers claiming I’m his property. Finally found a publisher
“No Face Publishing Company” and they published my book. It took me 2 weeks to re-write it, change the chapter names, book cover and pictures.
By August 28, 2014 the book “Becoming Kat Stacks was set to be released on paperback.

August 4, 2014 I sent a Cancellation of Contract notice to Q’Lee Odenat for not publishing my book after 60 days of release date.

Q Lee Odenat then did an interview on The Breakfast Club claiming his book “Admire Andrea Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives” will be released August 27, 2014 a day before mines.
Q Lee Odenat started harassing me with his lawyers, canceling Pre-Orders on my paypal account for my book “Becoming Kat Stacks” by sending false Copyright
Infringement letters to Paypal and Social Media. He harassed Club promoters who wanted to do Book tours with me telling them he will sue. He called club book signing parties
saying I supposedly stole his book. He called radio interviews harassing me and Boutique clothing stores telling everyone or anyone who would listen that I stole his book.
He also told NBC News and Miami NewsTimes that I stole his book.

He slandered me and published “Admire Andrea Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives” on amazon and put it as his banner & background on his Website WorldStarHipHop.com
Unauthorized and bashed me with fictional lies written in the book. And today he was flagged my website KatStacks.net with infringement report claiming its his book and not mine.
He doesn’t let me continue my journey and move on.

I would like to sue him for Harassment and Emotional distress.
I have all the paperwork printed. Such as Emails and Contracts of his actions.

Andrea Herrera