As expected, Killer Mike brought the knowledge on last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Discussing race relations through the respective lenses of Baltimore, Ferguson, and the music-blaming Republican goggles of Bill O’Reilly — Mike spoke passionately and with purpose. Mike, like you, thinks O’Reilly is “full of shit” in every possible way — even saying he believes that the true O’Reilly is possibly just playing a laughably delusional character. Killer Mike, rocking an enviously beautiful Run the Jewels sweatshirt, also took offense at other conservatives’ habit of blaming music — specifically hip-hop — for the entire history of institutionalized American violence. Mike promptly schooled Maher and his guests on the actual history of hip-hop, tracing its roots back to the ’60s.

Killer Mike Schools Bill Maher on The History of Hip-Hop