The wife of Knicks coach Derek Fisher was “blindsided” when the former NBA star filed for divorce last month, according to reports.

Candace Fisher claims the 40-year-old head coach refused to answer her calls and texts for nearly two weeks before dropping the divorce bomb, according to court papers obtained by TMZ.

She also accused Fisher of blowing off their kids for several days, according to the documents.

The Fishers, who married in February 2005, have twin 8-year-old children; Tatum and Drew. They each also have another child from a previous relationship.

But Fisher allegedly removed all of his clothing, personal items and computers from the pair’s New York home while ignoring his wife’s calls.

The documents also level allegations that Fisher wants to keep the twins in New York to live and attend school even though all of their family, friends and schoolmates are in L.A.

Fisher filed for divorce from Candace March 18th in California, one month after the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary. Fisher, who served as the president of the NBA Player’s Association, has helmed the lowly Knicks since his own former coach, Phil Jackson, hired him last June.

In his 18-year career as a player Fisher played with seven teams and won five NBA championships.