KT The Arch Degree Decodes Luke Cage To Hip-Hop

Born in the Virgin Islands of Christianstead, St. Croix, Kamani Tait’s (K.T. The Arch Degree) involvement with health and nutrition has been inspirational from the start.

At the precipice of birth, mother; Annette Thomas; faced fatal complications with extremely low iron levels. Refusing a blood transfusion, Annette reached out to Dr. Sebi who gave her Maya; a tonic increasing hemoglobin; which proved to save both their lives.

Annette soon became a wife of Sebi educating herself in the uses of herbs and all natural healing agents.

Soon thereafter, Usha Herbal Research Institute; the brainchild of Thomas and Sebi; established itself as a wellness organization specializing in the research and development of African herbal healing modalities.

While growing up under the tutelage of Usha Institute, Kamani witnessed AIDS, blindness, cancer and various diseases healed through natural, non-pharmaceutical remedies.

With 29 years of intense study, Kamani Tait excels in the knowledge of alchemy, physiology, anatomy, metaphysics and nutrition including its effects on the human body. Through Hollywood Decoded he recognizes the ease in communicating the intellectual, metaphysical and health benefits through film.

It is with constant practice and counsel, Kamani lectures at various venues throughout the Atlanta area and across the United States. Just as “all roads lead to Wakanda” he works to spread information on health, medicine and nutrition with the mission to take people back to nature.

After high school, Kamani gained the opportunity to work beside one of Dr. Sebi’s most respected clients, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. He joined her creative team and contributed three tracks to her solo artist album, Super Nova. As a part of Lisa’s inner circle he again noticed the positive effects of proper nutrition and decided to delve deeper in the matter.

In his time with Lisa, Kamani began to notice his innate ability to reveal underlying themes of popular films while visiting brothers Paul and Phil Moreland commonly referred to as Blue and Red Pill. After viewing a lecture by Phil Valentine where he showed the metaphysical themes behind blockbuster hits, he decided to utilize his innate gift to decode Hollywood.