A Seminole County woman spent nearly $20,000 on plastic surgery, but deputies said she paid for it by stealing another woman’s identity and opening a credit card in her name.

The suspect, Melanie Young, was arrested as she went to the clinic for an appointment, Channel 9’s Steve Barrett learned.

Young, authorities said, racked up $17,000 in procedures at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Altamonte Springs and a cosmetic dentistry clinic in Orlando.

The victim, who lives in Volusia County, didn’t know Young, and she didn’t know about the credit card, which was issued by Synchrony Bank.

The victim said she checked her credit report with one of the major bureaus and found that she had an account that was opened up that she didn’t authorize.

A doctor at the Florida Cosmetic Surgery Center didn’t want to go on camera but said they helped detectives make the bust.

When investigators met with the victim, she provided some information. The investigators contacted one of the locations where the card was used and it just so happened that Young was scheduled to be there that day, officials said.

Young was arrested right after her final follow-up appointment, officials said.