Lee Ricks, a brilliant emcee straight from Toronto, posits a classic tale of dichotomy while leading the listener through a lyrical journey, in a truthful pursuit of life with the newest track “Worlds Apart”.

Known for his singles, “Sentinel,” “Stay Ill” and “Warning” (with Wyze Intellect), Lee Ricks never ceases to amaze with his eager lyrical delivery, which is balanced by shifting flows, intelligent, constructed bars and his ability to vocalize his deep expressions, transporting the listener to his space.

Melodic and dark, the music production by visionary producer BigBob further concentrates the mood, with Lee Ricks singing a catchy hook. The latest track is from the forthcoming collaborative EP, Beats for Breakfast, out now on bandcamp.

@LeeRicks_TRPLR | @bigbobpattison

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