Lil Wayne Keeps It Real With Adrien Broner!

At one point everyone though Adrien Broner was the heir apparent to Floyd Mayweather. Mainly, because of his arrogance, flashy lifestyle and boxing ability. Then as time when on, we realized he was nothing more than the Harold Miner of boxing! So peep what Lil Wayne had the guts to tell Adrien Broner below! About time someone kept it trill with him (Adrien Broner).

Weezy tells ESPN

“Boxing is hurting. I was an Adrien Broner fan before. To know that I actually thought he was going to be the next Floyd Mayweather, where’s boxing at?”

“I talked to Adrien recently at a club. My question was why are you here? I was paid to be here. Why are you here? You box. I tried to tell him that he needs to analyze things. You’re in a music club, night club. People here know musicians. The only people in here who know you are guys. You’re making a fool of yourself because you think everyone knows you. No woman here knows you. They have to ask their guy who you are. And all you are right now is the guy standing next to Lil Wayne.”