Passenger Aaron Neufeld was aboard a Long Island Railroad (LIRR)​ train that struck a bumper block at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn injuring 76 people.

Aaron tells FOX 5 /​ that the majority of those injured were in the first car. Officials are say all the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. One woman suffered a broken leg.

Video from the scene showed a several people being taken away on stretchers. Others were removed to ambulances in wheelchairs.

The first car of the train apparently left the track but no other cars were reportedly affected. About 600 passengers were on the train. Neufeld said there was a loud noise when the incident took place. Other witnesses said some passengers were sent flying by the impact.

There was smoke in the station after the incident but there was not an active fire, according to Neufeld.

One axle from the second car of the train also came off of the track according to MTA chairman Tom Prendergast at a news conference.