Police arrested a California man for flying across the country to stalk veteran hip-hop radio personality Angie Martinez, police sources said Sunday.

Emanuelito Torres-Delgado was busted and charged by cops for stalking the Power 105.1 host after showing up at the radio station’s Tribeca headquarters, sources said.

He had also emailed her and sent her unwanted gifts, police said.

Torres-Delgado, 53, who police said hails from Sacramento, Calif., appears to be the operator of a deranged social media account which continually tweeted bizarre messages and pictures at Martinez, as well as other celebrities like Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, veteran TV producer Norman Lear, and the Pope.

He sent a photo of an erotic DVD and sex toys in one tweet addressed to Martinez, Lee, Anthony Bourdain and the Dalai Lama.

On September 3, the account posted what appears to be a screenshot of a confirmation of a $598 JetBlue ticket to for a red-eye flight on Sept. 5 from Sacramento’s airport to JFK.

“Angie come get me boo,”

the TorresDelgadoHughes handle tweeted.

The next day he tweeted, “5hrs. till taxi.”

Police said that the complaint filed against Torres-Delgado was made on the afternoon of Sept. 5 in New York.

He was arrested six days later at the Sixth Ave. headquarters of iHeartRadio, which houses Power 105.1.

Torres-Delgado is currently being held in the Manhattan Detention Complex in lieu of a $5,000 bail, according to the most recent information from the Department of Correction.

Martinez, 44, was last in the news when she made waves in June 2014 after jumping from rap station Hot 97, where she had started as an intern at 18, to the rival Power 105.1 just up the radio dial.