A noted Tupelo cardiologist is finally seeing justice for tragic murder of his sister.

59 year old Harold Henthorn was sentenced to life without parole today in Denver, Colorado for the murder of his wife Dr. Toni Henthorn. She died in 2012 when she was pushed over a cliff while the couple was hiking in the Rocky Mountains to celebrate their anniversary. Toni Henthorn was a noted Jackson opthalmologist before moving to Colorado and the sister of Tupelo cardiologist Dr. Barry Bertolet During todays sentencing Bertolet read a family statement saying the trial was about the moment. Toni Bertolet drew her last breath. Harold Henthorn is also suspected of killing his first wife who died after a car allegedly fell on her while she was changing a tire. In both deaths Harold Henthorn was the only witness. Ironically during today’s hearing the family of Henthorn’s first wife apologized to the Bertolet’s for not trying harder to have Henthorn arrested in the first death.