Following in The Son of Sam’s footsteps and taking crime advice from a dog? This is what one New Mexican man who is facing a number of serious charges after a near deadly shooting claims. Police say 48-year-old Matthew Gonzales said neighbor’s dog told him to shoot his ex-girlfriend after she posted to Facebook that she’s “single.”

The 34-year-old victim, who is not identified, was found lying in the middle of the road around 7:30 a.m. last Tuesday with a gunshot to the head, reports the ABQ Journal. The report went on to say the woman was rushed to the hospital and treated after paramedics were called. She is expected to survive. The victim reportedly told police, after she was questioned, that Gonzales was the one who shot her. After the alleged incident, reports say Gonzales turned himself in to a local church after his boss convinced him to do the right thing.

Gonzales was arrested and during his questioning he revealed to police his neighbor’s dog communicates (somehow) with him and the animal told him specifically, “You need to take care of this.”

Initially the ABQ Journal says Gonzales really wanted to commit suicide in front of the woman to make her hurt, but things changed after he allegedly snatched the victim in front of her 10-year-old child. A struggle ensued after the woman tried to get out of the car. During that struggle, Gonzales said the gun went off.

Currently Gonzales is facing a number of charges according to the ABQ Journal, including aggravated battery on a household member, aggravated assault on a household member, child abuse, assault on a household member with intent to commit a violent felony, robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with great bodily harm and larceny. He’s being held on $150,000 bond.