A 38-year-old Hispanic male was rushed to a Chula Vista hospital after he was complaining of chest pain and dizziness. Jose Valadez admitted to drinking 24/ 24 oz Red Bull cans in just 18 hours. The excessive amount of caffeine, as well as other chemicals that have been found in these types of energy drinks, sent him into massive cardiac arrest. After several attempts to stabilize Valadez, he was pronounced dead one hour after arriving at the hospital. Doctors say they have never seen anything like this before. Staff in the emergency room say his heart was literally pounding out of his chest.

There have been several deaths associated with people who are consuming these drinks on a regular basis, which has caused France to even ban these beverages. The caffeine content in energy drinks is extremely high. One 24 oz Red Bull energy drink has 240 mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of drinking seven cans of Coke at one time and can cause death from caffeine toxicity. If you have heart issues, or any other medical conditions, doctors warn you to stay away from energy drinks due to the effects that it has on the heart and stimulation.

Currently, legislators are considering raising the drinking age of highly caffeinated drinks to 18. Until then, doctors urge everyone, especially parents of young children, to monitor the amount of caffeine consumed in one day by yourself and your family.