Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers. A Los Angeles, California man is in custody, and 7 people are dead after a tragic attack inside an East LA haunted house attraction over the weekend that was caught on surveillance video. A Hispanic male, 26-year-old Luis Ortega, entered the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House of Horrors on Friday’s opening night wielding a chainsaw.

He pushed his way through the ticket handlers at the front door and ran through a crowd of people. Witnesses say at first they thought it was part of the show. “I’ve been to this haunted house before, actually last year,” said one eyewitness. They had people throughout the haunted house with fake chainsaws. So when I saw it, I got scared, but never thought it was real until he attacked the first victim.”

Police say Ortega sawed through 7 attendees inside the haunted house, before fleeing the scene. The video shows him entering, but it also shows him exiting. In the end, you see a crowd of people overtake him and tackle him to the ground. Fortunately, none of the people that stopped him were injured.

Man Walks In To Haunted House With ChainsawThis is just one of a series of events that happened over the weekend that shocked several communities across the U.S. There were 5 other attacks at opening night haunted houses very similar to this one in the cities of Stockton, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona and Houston, Texas.

Authorities say they are concerned that this may be gang-related. Possibly gang initiation type activity. However, it is still too early for them to confirm this theory.

They have asked workers and owners of these haunted houses, to be on high alert in the month of October.

Man Walks In To Haunted House With Chainsaw, Murders 7 People