The cold-hearted monster who viciously beat his pregnant ex-girlfriend so badly it led to their unborn child’s death completely denied his involvement with the crime Tuesday before a judge sentenced him to up to 32 years in prison.

A Brooklyn jury convicted Torey Branch for researching and planning the attack of his ex Mia Jones because she decided to carry their baby to full term.

“Nothing can bring back Kennedy Victoria. I’ll never know the sound of her cry or see her first steps because of Torey Branch, he thought he was God and decided to take her away from us,” said Jones as she read from her victim impact statement on Tuesday.

The March 28, 2014, beating was captured on the video surveillance from inside Jones’ Sheffield Avenue building.

Jones, 34, was 7-months pregnant when Branch and another man jumped her from behind.

The cowardly assailants repeatedly punched and kicked Jones in the face and stomach leaving her with an orbital fracture and lost vision in her eye.

“Someone who can knowingly hit a pregnant woman in the stomach isn’t a man, he’s a monster…The sad part is he’s not the least bit concerned, all he’s upset about is he got caught he’s not sorry,” said Jones.

Baby Kennedy died in utero a few hours after the attack.

Sources said the unborn child had a cracked head and starved because of placenta damage.

Jones recognized Branch’s voice during the attack; they were together off-and-on for nine years.

“In my over 20 years working in criminal law, I never witnessed something so inhumane, cold-hearted. If this case doesn’t deserve the maximum sentence, I don’t know what case does,” said Justice Alexander Jeong before he sentenced Branch to 27 to 32 years in prison.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson attended the sentencing to support Jones and agreed with the judge’s sentence.

“(Branch) deserves to spend every day of the next 27 years locked away in a prison cell for his cowardly, brutal and simply inhumane attack on a pregnant woman.”

Branch, 35, spent three months researching “what happens if you punch a pregnant woman in stomach” online, said Assistant District Attorney Joanna Lettieri.

Branch’s wife tried to save him when she testified in his defense that she did the Internet searches.

The jury didn’t buy it.

He was convicted of burglary, abortion and assault.

“This monster you compare me to, is not me,” said a condescending Branch, who sported a kufi for the first time in court.

“Although I cannot compare the feeling of a mother losing a child, but as a father I was sadden by losing a child, not a day goes by that I don’t think about how beautiful Kennedy would have been,” Branch said with a slight crack in his voice.

Branch maintains his innocence and apologized to his wife who was in the gallery with several of his disappointed family members.

“There’s a special place reserved in hell for Torey Branch,” said Jones