Martin Shkreli offers $10M for Kanye’s new album

Martin Shkreli, is looking to expand his collection of seminal rap albums. And this time, he’s come for Kanye West and The Life of Pablo. And he may do for Kanye what he did for the House Oversight Committee: Make him look good to even his most ardent haters by comparison.

The offer is for $10 million, five times what he paid for Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Under the terms of the offer, Kanye would release the album to him and him alone. After all, Shkreli, 32, needs entertainment more than ever now that he’s out of a job and awaiting a possible federal trial on fraud charges.

Martin Shkreli Offers Kanye West $10M for His New Album (Could Delay Kanye’s Album Release)