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Knowledge Born Allah is a public speaker 🔈, mentor, and advocate for at-risk children and youth! Knowledge is here to give back to his community by providing a Plethora of wisdom and life experiences to help save the lives of those who often get looked passed. Knowledge has a successful podcast called “Do Tha Knowledge Radio” that has over 1500 episodes and counting.😍This podcast gives a platform for others to share what they know and who they are! This is someone you want to be on the lookout for! His wisdom, intelligence, and love that he has for his community is invaluable and will not go unseen! Please stay tuned to upcoming updates on this profound being! You may find him here: also: and Follow Knowledge Born Allah via social media: FB: Knowledge Born Allah Do Tha Knowledge Radio Twitter: @knowledgeborn15 Instagram: @knowledgebornallah357 donation link: $knowledgebornallah