Rapper Master P gives a tour of his place in Hollywood and says he is gonna expose the haters and fakes in hollywood and you always have to stay strapped. Master P Says You Gotta Stay STRAPPED IN HOLLYWOOD! “IM GONNA EXPOSE THE FAKES IN HOLLYWOOD!”. Master P is a rapper known for his hit songs such as I Got The Hook Up!, Make Em’ Say Uhh!, I Miss My Homies, Goodbye To My Homies, If I Could Change (From “I’m Bout It”), Ooohhhwee, Mr. Ice Cream Man, Souljas, Pass Me Da Green, Weed & Money, Thug Girl, Bourbons and Lacs and many more. Master P is also known for his many features with other pop artists such as Canibus, DMX, Method Man, Redman, C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker, Foxy Brown, Mystikal, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mac, B-Legit, E-40, JT the Bigga Figga, C-Murder, Gambino Family, Mac, UGK, Mo B. Dick, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Big Ed, C-Murder, Fiend, Lil’ Gotti, Mia X, Mac, Mystikal, Skull Duggery, Gucci Mane, and many more.

Expert P won’t gather his existence show payday … rather the whole single amount of almost a million bucks will go specifically to his long-term offended spouse.

The judge in their continuous war over tyke and spousal backing requested Master P to hand over $825,000 – his pay for Season 2 of “Expert P’s Family Empire” – to Sonya Miller. As per docs, that sum will cover back tyke and spousal bolster installments. The judge said the sum will likewise be utilized to secure future backing.

As we’ve reported … Sonya’s been complaining for quite a long time that P declined to give her a penny in backing – despite the fact that she was with him when he fabricated his No Limit fortune, now assessed at $200 million.

The Ice Cream Man stay in the studio making hits. Presently, he comes back with another joint titled “Can’t Count Us Out,” a road exemplary delivered by BlaqnmilD. Melodiously, the colonel is back to his old courses as he bolsters amusement to the youngins. “Can’t Count Us Out” is more or less genuine, No Limit and Master P keep on dominating the 2016 music industry freely. Expert P resemble moment

Expert P resemble moment corn meal, with regards to profiting, his equation is simply include water. What’s more, Master P supports his fans, “When you experiencing something, you discover who your genuine companions are yet in the event that you have confidence in you, you can conquer anything and you can fulfill any fantasy on the off chance that you simply accept notwithstanding when the haters forget about you.”

“Attempt to exclude us, can’t forget about us, genuine hitters get cash in a dry spell, genuine trappin’ hitters began in the south, fake hitters betta close yea mouth, Get alot of companions when you get alot of cash, cannot discover a companion when you truly require something, watch the hitters that is say hold me down, be the same hitters hatin wanna see me down.”