FREEDOM (KDKA) – Police say a combination of drugs, alcohol and guns led to a man being shot and women being assaulted in Freedom last week.

Eric Kalif Hubbard, 33, and Antonio Clinkscales, 34, are accused of assaulting two women while they were filming a rap music video.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier said it was a violent assault.

“They were forcibly taken into the basement, where they were physically assaulted by Hubbard and Clinkscales. They were beaten, kicked, pistol whipped and choked,” Lozier said.

Officials say one of the women was choked until she passed out. Next, the suspects shot a gun to scare the women, and put the barrel of the gun in one of their mouths.

Lozier said that is when things got worse.

“There ended up being a wrestling match between Clinkscales and one of the women over one of the handguns. The gun went off shooting Hubbard,” Lozier said.

Hubbard was taken to the hospital and both men were arrested. Police seized guns and drugs from the scene, two big problems in Beaver County.

A nearby school was put on a two-hour delay due to the violence.

“We will not be pleading down or dismissing or reducing levels of the drug charges. We are gonna put these people in prison for state time, and the same thing with felony gun charges,” Lozier said.