Mother plays video games after boyfriend fatally beat her 9-year-old son for eating birthday cake without permission

A cruel mother will spend many years behind bars after being accused of playing video games instead of helping her dying son, according to police in Maryland.

27-year-old Oriana Iris Garcia of Hagerstown, pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse in connection with the beating death of her son, 9-year-old Jack.

She faces up to 30 years in prison.

According to the police investigation, Garcia’s boyfriend, Robert Leroy Wilson, 32, and her brother, Jacob Barajas, 25, were watching Jack while she was at work.

At some point, Jack ate a piece of birthday cake that belonged to Wilson’s 2-year-old daughter. As a result, Barajas handcuffed the child while Wilson beat him to death.

Wilson then drove to his girlfriend’s workplace and brought her home. Instead of calling for help, Garcia turned away paramedics who arrived at the home to help the boy.

Garcia told the first responders that her son was fine. Garcia then checked her email and Facebook accounts, watched pet videos and played video games on her computer.

After a few hours, Garcia called for help. Wilson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and is serving a 30 year prison sentence.

Barajas pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse and is awaiting sentencing.