I met up with Baba Mwalimu Baruti at Nichols Bookstore down town Brooklyn. I asked him why does he think most black people are ignorant to the effeminization on black men. Also I asked him about the whole Caitlyn Jenner fiasco.

Mwalimu Baruti is the co-founder and co-director of Akoben Institute, an independent Afrikan centered full-time and after-school homeschooling and tutorial program for middle and high schoolers. Over the last two years, Bro. Baruti has also taught various Afrikan centered evening classes for adults at the Institute and online. Included in these were courses based on his books Eureason, Mentacide, negroes and other essay, one focusing on Afrikan Centered Education, another on Ourstory and three dealing with various topics in Afrikan Centered Sociology, There have also been a variety of individual lectures online and a writers’’ workshop for those interested in writing and self-publishing. Baruti he is an experienced chess teacher who taught chess at independent Black schools for over two decades.

Bro. Baruti is the author of fifteen self-published books: Excuses, Excuses: The Politics of Interracial Coupling in European Culture, negroes and other essays, Chess Primer: An Introduction to the Game of Chess, The Sex Imperative, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males, Asafo: A Warrior’’s Guide to Manhood, Complementarity: Thoughts for Afrikan Warrior Couples, Mentacide and other essays, Kebuka!: Remembering the Middle Passage Through the Eyes of Our Ancestors, Eureason: An Afrikan Centered Critique of Eurocentric Social Science, Battle Plan, Notes Toward Higher Ideals in Afrikan Intellectual Liberation, Sesh: an Afrikan Centered guide to writing and self-publishing for warrior scholars, Nyansasem: A Calendar of Revolutionary Daily Thoughts and Yurugu’s Eunuchs.

There are a number of other writing projects he is now involved with. He and his wife are currently collaborating on a book for those who want to homeschool and/or build educational institutions in our community titled Afrikan Centered Education. He is also in the process of writing four other books. One is a collection of interviews designed to capture the connection between spirituality and warriorhood titled The Warrior Spirit. Another is looking at what a warrior’’s character needs to be as based on our traditions titled IWA: A Warrior’’s Character. Another is a study of traditional Afrikan culture as it applies today titled The Afrikan Way. Another, with an expected publication date of December 2009, is a discussion of the need to redefine just what it means to be Afrikan, the concept of Afrikan centered and the character and composition of an Afrikan Center. Asylum: An Afrikan Centered Ourstorical Analysis of the Mental Health of European Culture and Society, a psychological analysis of the insanity characterizing eurocentric society is also in the works. He has also written numerous articles analyzing Afrikan culture and manhood, Black economics, Afrikan centered definitions of manhood, european society and cultural history and other topics as they relate to the Afrikan community globally.

Bro. Baruti (fka Larry D. Crawford) served as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Morehouse College from 1991 to 2001. Committed to the students, he served as the faculty advisor to numerous student organizations at Morehouse, as well as other institutions in the Atlanta University Center. He received his graduate training at the University of Chicago and taught at Chicago State University as well. Also recognized for his dedication to the community, he has been keynote speaker, guest lecturer and moderator for numerous forums, programs and activities in a number of locations including Holly Springs, MS; Atlanta and Savannah, GA; Raleigh, NC; Milwaukee, WI; Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore, MD; Columbia, SC; Richmond and Norfolk, VA; Washington, DC; Nassau, Bahamas; Chicago, IL, Baton Rouge, LA, Hartford, CT and Birmingham, England. His lecture topics have ranged from Afrikan manhood, male/female relationships, european sexual insanity, interracial coupling to the Middle Passage.

Mwalimu Baruti: They’re Turning Black Men Into European Girls (Effeminization)