Written, Directed & Created by ILLA GHEE

Pilot episode “Welcome Home” Lead character Gregory Smith Jr. aka “Deuce” returns home from prison earlier than anyone anticipated. He paroles to his once girlfriend apt. “Simone Fletcher”. With a new outlook on life Deuce wants everyone to know he’s changed and they should change with him. A few of Deuce enemies wants to make sure he’s really home so they can finish any beef they had with him.
Now that Deuce is home “Simone” has to figure out how to hide the fact her ex is living with her from her man (“Vaughn Harris”) at work.
Frederick Gardner aka “Frizz” Has entered the world of selling drugs in Poughkeepsie NY. A few months ago he witness one of business associates murder. Now that his best friend is home he wants to convince him to come with him to Poughkeepsie because they can potentially make a lot of money.
Travis Stevenson aka “Trav” Is excited to see his best friend is home and is ready to get back to doing what they use to do. But Not too happy on his friend new way of thinking. He also hears some horrible family news from his sisters “Renee & Adrina Monk”