A Florida man allegedly lit his family’s house on fire after his niece refused to give him a ride to the liquor store.

Jerome Clemons, 44, was charged with arson by Boynton Beach police Wednesday after getting into an argument over the beer run, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

This is the same man who was arrested in 2012 for calling 911 to report he had a cold.

In the latest incident, the niece said no and left. Police claim Clemons then set fire to the northeast corner of the house, slightly damaging the home, a garbage can and an all-terrain vehicle.

His brother extinguished the blaze with a garden hose.

Clemons also burned his forearm and was taken to the hospital before being booked.

Cops know Clemons well. He has at least 11 prior arrests in Palm Beach County alone, according to public records.

His most notorious arrest also made headlines: Clemons was collared for disorderly intoxication after calling 911 to report he had a cold, the Palm Beach Post reported.

When police arrived in 2012 they found a drunken Clemons on the sidewalk screaming, shouting “pigs” at the officers.