Last year, we saw what happened to a former Nike manager who stole sneakers from the brand as part of a complex theft ring, but apparently one employee didn’t get the message.

WREG is reporting that 20-year-old Markell Fossett of Memphis, Tenn., stole more than $9,000 worth of sneakers from Nike over a five month period from February to June 2015 when he was then terminated.

According to the police report, Fossett admitted to taking pairs from the brand and hiding them in his pants one at a time before taking them to his car in the parking lot. What’s even more shocking is that he claims to have done this as many as three times a day.

Nike’s Asset Protection Investigator confirmed that the brand was hit for 205 pairs of sneakers in total, and now Fossett faces a charge of theft of property $1,000-$10,000, which is considered a class D felony under Tennessee law and carries a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.

Although it is not specified, we wouldn’t be surprised if this all went down at Nike’s distribution center given the location of the crime. We’ll update you as we hear more on this developing story.

Nike Employee Busted for Stealing Almost $10K Worth of Sneakers