A crying newborn was muzzled with a strip of tape by nurses at a Philippines maternity ward, an outraged father claims.

New dad Ryan Noval posted pictures to Facebook showing his son, Yohannes Noval, sleeping with the strip smushed across his upper lip and across both his cheeks.

Another snapshot shows the boy, at just five days old, wailing away as the tape begins to come off his face.

Noval claims his wife, Jasmine, returned to the nursery Friday evening to find the baby gagged with tape at the Cebu City hospital.

“This is not even close to being professional or humane,” the furious father wrote on Facebook. “Jasmine immediately asked the attending nurse ‘why is there tape over his mouth?’ and the reply she got from the nurse was ‘your baby was TOO NOISY (crying) so I put that over his mouth….’”

he new mother found the baby had wet his diaper, something the nurse hadn’t checked, Noval wrote. Jasmine asked the woman to remove the tape but was told “you can go ahead and take it off yourself, ma’am.” The nurse eventually relented and did it herself, ripping off some of the child’s lip skin as she pulled off the sticky strip.

The pair complained about the incident to the information desk, and an investigation into the incident, first reported by The Sun newspaper, is said to be underway at the Cebu Maternity Hospital.

“Meet my son Yohannes Noval!! He cannot speak about his horrific experience from the attending nurse’s hands inside Maternity Hospital’s nursery… we have to speak out for him,” Noval wrote in his posting, alongside four pictures of the alleged abuse. “If you think your new born babies are safe, think again. Your babies could be silent victims and you will never really know about it!!!”