Original members of the Black Spades speaks about their history!

With all due respect…Is krs one trying to glorify and romanticize west indians in Hip Hop History?? Krs one, Grandmaster Flash, and afrika bambaataa all have west indian background..Original B-Boy.. Hip Hop Pioneer Cholly Rock teaching Real Hip Hop History….Afrika Bambaataa was never the leader of the Original Black Spades..Afrika Bambaataa may have been a leader or warlord of the 10th division(Bronx River Houses) Black Spades which he later turned into the Zulu Nation…There were numerous reasons why gang activity in NYC decreased during the mid 1970’s…One reason gang activity decreased is because the Original teenage Black Spade Leaders from Bronxdale Houses became young men and grew up…Some of the Original Black Spade Leaders became fathers, got jobs, got involved with women, hustling etc….The media and krs one seem to only wanna classify the Black Spades as JUST “a violent gang”…however The Black Spades started off in 1967 68 as a teenage rebellion against segregation and caucasian gang violence…As the Black Spades grew all around NYC their original intentions got lost…The Black Spades had a few talented Deejays who are rarely ever given credit for their contributions to the foundation of Hip Hop culture…1970 -1980…It was Black Spade Deejays throwing Hip Hop’s first outside jams getting power from streetlights..The Black Spade dance directly led into breakdance.

Original Black Spades: KRS One Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About