Michael K. Williams’ Black Market is gearing up for its second season premiere on Monday, months after his untimely death.

Nonetheless, the team behind the Vice TV docuseries has every intention of continuing to honor the actor’s legacy and mission. Speaking to PEOPLE exclusively, Black Market executive producer Matt Goldman reveals how the show will proceed forward following Williams’ passing.

“I think this show was kind of a life mission for Michael to share stories of the underserved and those that are ignored and don’t have a voice and bring light to the decisions that, in a way, sometimes they’re forced to make, and tell these stories with compassion and empathy from an unprejudiced lens,” he says.

“He really wanted to give people the truth, and there’s not another crime show out there that does that, that looks at it from that lens,” Goldman continues. “I think that’s the biggest way to honor Michael is to share these stories and, hopefully, people can learn and change and be inspired, in a way. So ultimately, I think the show is Mike’s legacy and that’s how we can honor him, is by sharing it with the world.

Goldman also notes that because “there’s no other show” that explores this side of illicit trade or crime in the same manner, making Black Market was even more crucial.