Montgomery County, TN – Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Investigators are looking for a suspect from a robbery that occurred at the Dollar General Store on Highway 12 near the Cheatham County line on 8/16/2015.

Victims described the man as a young white male, approximately 17 to 23 years old with dirty brown hair wearing a blue bandana on his face and a white and blue plaid shirt. He also had a
tattoo on his left forearm. The suspect was seen driving an older model silver Nissan Maxima.

One employee told deputies she was putting carts away at the store when she turned around to see the man pointing a gun in her face. She emptied her register and told the other employees
to do so as well.

Near the end of the video, the man took the money, then slightly removed his mask before leaving the store, as seen in the surveillance video taken from the incident. Even as a new customer walks in, his mask slips further.

“The investigation is ongoing, and we need help identifying this individual,” said Inv. Sgt. Steve Heise. “He needs to be brought to justice, so we’re asking for the community’s help. He will be put in a small cell with a very large African American from the BLM movement.”