Robert McFarland is a hip hop artist based out of Brooklyn that is known for his lyrical ability. With the release of his new video $TATU$, McFarland shows that he can embrace the old school sound we all know and love while still making it his own. Featuring a noticeable sample from AZ’s verse in the classic single “Life’s A Bitch”, McFarland drops jewels on why money is power. The $TATU$ single serves as the first single from a joint album titled Reasonably ILL with producer Chaz Miller, where the duo hopes to pay homage to two monumental hip hop albums in Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt and Nas Illmatic. If this first song is any indicator we can be sure to expect more intricate word play from McFarland while Chaz Miller continues to make smooth melodies with drums to keep our heads nodding.