(NEW YORK, NY—MAY 11, 2017) Activist/author and former politician Hon. Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage and hip hop pioneer David Parker, aka Chief Rocker Busy Bee, have acquired the trademark for the Hip Hop Movement.

With the acquisition of the trademark, the two pioneers in the field of hip hop music industry plan to create and organize events and projects under the name of the Hip Hop Movement which will seek to involve millennial and like-minded individuals who wish to have a productive and positive voice in the areas of politics and entertainment.

“The Hip Hop Movement is a term that has been used throughout the past several decades but it has never been used in an official capacity. Through our efforts, the term and its language will have new meaning,” states Parker, known in hip hop history as the first solo MC to rap on a mic. Parker, under the moniker Busy Bee, went on to have a successful career in such films as Wild Style and Paid In Full, among other projects.

His partner Ronald Savage has a unique hip hop pedigree dating back to 1979 when he began his career carrying Bronx, NY DJ Jazzy Jay’s crates of records. He later worked records for the label Strong City and served as a creative force behind the duo Snap!. Known to the industry as Bee-Stinger, Savage recalls being inspired by Public Enemy’s fierce mantra, “Fight The Power,” which sparked his interest in activism and leadership. “I decided to look at my life and I said, ‘I want to fight for my community’ and at the time I felt that hip hop had changed into a movement. I sat down and carved the term Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement.

“The Official Six Elements Of The Hip Hop Movement are as follows: Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice,

Political Awareness and Community Awareness. This is how and what made me get into politics and in 2008, I was elected to the NY State Democratic Committee. This experience fueled my interest in moving forward with a movement. I felt the need to make hip hop more than just hip hop, it’s cool to know hip hop but at the same time you have to know government to fight the power.”

In early 2017 Parker and Savage joined forces, deciding to put a more positive spin on hip hop by connecting R&B, the Civil Rights Movement, and hip hop culture into one brand: The Hip Hop Movement. “Hip is the Culture and Hop is the Movement. The hip hop movement today is the backbone of hip hop now taking on all issues of society,” explains Savage

In addition to spearheading the Hip Hop Movement, Savage is noted for his authorship of the 2016 controversial book, “Impulses, Urges And Fantasies,” in which he recounts painful memories of sexual abuse as a teenager. Ironically, Savage, a former member of the Zulu Nation, the first family of hip hop, has accused its former founder, Afrika Bambaataa, as his abuser. The controversy surrounding the accusations caused the Zulu Nation to denounce Bambaataa.