Charmayne (Maxee) Maxwell

Singer Charmayne (Maxee) Maxwell, of the 1990s R&B group Brownstone, mysteriously died Saturday, members of her family have confirmed.

The 46-year-old’s death occurred after her son’s soccer game on Saturday and has been attributed to a fall, according to Danish media.

She “died in the most terrible way,” her brother Brandon Maxwell tweeted Saturday night, but further details regarding her death are scarce.

“I’m so devastated because you deserved to stay on this Earth much longer,” wrote Brandon Maxwell, of his big sister.

The singer was married to Danish music producer Carsten Schack and the couple lived in Los Angeles. It’s not clear where the death occurred. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and Los Angeles Police Department have stated it did not happen in their jurisdiction.

TMZ reports she died due to a cut to her neck.

Maxwell performed with Brownstone for more than a decade and are best known for the songs “If You Love Me,” “Grapevyne” and their cover of the Eagles song, “I Can’t Tell You Why.”