Star Rios is the first born child and daughter of legendary artist Big Punisher. She takes the first step in telling her story almost 17 years after the death of her father. Her Mother Liza, sister Vanessa and brother Chris have all fought hard to survive and thrive as a family. Star is now 26 years old and she grew up to be a Mother and Entrepreneur with a lot of style & culture. Shortly after the birth of her son Ether she invested everything she had in her business Star View by Star Rios…this is an inside look at her journey..

Directed by dante luna and Joseph Rivers
Executive Producers dante luna and Star Rios
Production Assistants FlakoVeli and Ether Rios
Produced by dante luna, Joseph Rivers, FlakoVeli, Star Rios, Liza Rios and Tuff City Tattoos
Music by Chris Rivers, Whispers, Aynt Valdes, Dice Monte and Ai Gzz
Filmed & Edited by dante luna and Joseph Rivers
Instagram @Star_Rios
Twitter @StarRiosTheView
Snapchat StarStonA

Instagram @IamJosephRivers
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