stevie j

stevie j

Stevie J Claims He Smashed Mariah Carey Twice On Wild’n Out

Stevie J is an animal LOL! According to a TMZ report, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star almost came to blows with Nick Cannon on the set of Wild’n Out.

If you’re familiar with the show, you know that there is a “freestyle battle” at the end of each show. There are usually low-blow jokes that come out, but Nick wasn’t exactly laughing this time.

When Stevie got on the mic, he bragged about slangin’ the D to Mariah Carey TWICE before Nick Cannon. Nick responded that Stevie needn’t worry about that, but should focus more on the fact that Rick Ross was smashing Joseline, who was also in attendance, to smithereens.

Witnesses said it appeared that this went beyond the typical tongue-in-cheek stuff that goes on at the show and the producers had to step in and calm things down before s#!t went left.

With Stevie and Joseline there’s no telling what’s real and what’s for TV. Also, there’s no telling what type of shenanigans Nick Cannon would engage in to get some publicity for his show.


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