The Game and Stitches beef has officially jumped the shark as Stitches is now challenging the Compton rapper to a celebrity boxing match. Stitches announced via his Instagram that he signed a contract to fight Game, and then reposted the Celebrity Boxing Federation account and CEO Damon Feldman, who attempted to bait Game into the fight. No word on if Game will accept the challenge, but Stitches seems serious about jumping in the ring to settle this matter.

Over the past few weeks, Stitches was knocked out by Game’s manager and later jumped by his own crew, which Stitches claimed was setup by Game. At this point Game is basically ignoring Stitches on social media, but he did reenact the fight during a recent concert in California. It’s unlikely that Game will accept this challenge, but as we’ve seen with this beef in particular, anything can happen. Also included is an interview Stitches did with WSHH, where he says he still wants to fight Game.

Stitches Challenges the Game to a Celebrity Boxing Match