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Aspiring rapper arrested for trespassing at Rick Ross’ estate after security tricks him into showing up for meeting

J. Luchiano — an aspiring hip-hop artist — was arrested for trespassing last week after he allegedly jumped the fence at Rick Ross’ Atlanta mansion two months ago and left his demo tape at the rapper’s door, TMZ reports.

The ambitious artist claims he later received a phone call from Ross’ lawyer, who said he wanted to set up a meeting to discuss his rapping career.

But when Luchiano showed up, police officers burst in and arrested him for trespassing.

In addition to climbing the fence and entering Ross’ estate, Luchiano shared a series of photos of videos of himself on the “Hustlin'” rapper’s property, a police report alleges.

Luchiano was hit with a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge but he claims he’s innocent, saying he never jumped the fence and instead walked up a side path to the door.

The young rapper, who was released on $3,500 bail, appeared to reference his brief stint in jail on Twitter Tuesday.

“Awwwww man do I got some stories to tell,” he wrote. “Live life to the fullest its always some s— in the game #iaintmad.”

He later added: “Fayette county jail so knocked off….homies was in there thick though.”

A member of Ross’ security team tells TMZ that that his boss wasn’t involved in the sting whatsoever.