Damn homie....

Damn homie....

According to the Daily News, a courtroom source reported that Suge Knight was rushed from a Los Angeles courthouse to a local hospital on Thursday Feb. 19.

Now this is the same guy that’s been responsible for a tremendous amount of fuckery all of his life.  However, Poor Suge is having a hard time dealing.  The name calling, taunts, panic attacks and tummy pains in prison are all just entirely too much for him.  Being bullied on the bus sure must suck.

Knight, 49, has been incarcerated on murder charges since Jan. 30. due to the murder of local businessman, Terry Carter.  He also injured another person with his truck during a parking lot altercation in Compton, California.

Sources claim ” The sheriff doesn’t want to take any chances and have him die or get hurt in custody.  So any time he complains, they’re going to take it seriously” (courtroom source).

The judge confirmed Thursday, in open court, that this incident marked the second time Knight has been rushed from court to medical treatment this month.

Personally, I think Suge‘s a bitch, but yeah… that’s just me lol.

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