A 19-year-old Felton woman was arrested after Milford police say she called a man’s cell phone more than 300 times in one day.

Court documents obtained by The News Journal indicate that Kourtney R. Furber followed her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend into Milford city limits, “motioning to him to pick up his phone” while repeatedly calling him.

Police were contacted by a man who reported that Furber kept calling his phone on April 18, Sgt. Dwight Young said. The man said he had been contacted more than 300 times, but continued to ignore the calls.

Furber then called him at work, harassing him at work until he finally hung up, according to court documents. At one point, the man told police that Furber said “If you can’t be with me, you can’t be with your kids,” according to court documents.

He also reported that Furber tried to run him off the road and threatened to bust his car windows.

She also showed up at the man’s workplace, where she approached him in the parking lot outside, according to court documents.

Furber was charged with harassment and released on $1,000 unsecured bond.