The Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, LKN) is the largest and one of the most organized Hispanic street gangs in the United States of America.Its roots date to the 1940s in Chicago, Illinois, where it developed in the Puerto Rican community, which had expanded during a period of increased migration to the mainland.

The Latin Kings street gang was formed in Chicago in the 1940s and consisted predominantly of Puerto Rican males. Although it was created by Puerto Ricans, members now are mostly of Puerto Rican and Mexican ancestry. The gang has some Cuban,Dominican, and Ecuadorian gang members.

Subdivisions and size

Founded with the philosophy of “overcoming racial prejudice” and creating an organization of “Kings” and “Queens,” the Latin Kings evolved into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States under two umbrella factions—Motherland, also known as KMC (King Manifesto and Constitution), and Bloodline (New York City). All members of the gang identify as Latin Kings. Individuals of any nationality may be accepted as members.

Motherland faction:

Latin Kings associating with the Motherland faction also identify as “Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN),” and make up more than 160 structured chapters operating in 158 cities in 31 states. The membership of those Latin Kings who follow KMC is estimated to be 20,000 to 35,000.

Bloodline faction:

The Bloodline Manifesto was founded by Luis Felipe AKA “King Blood” in 1986 in the New York State Collins correctional Facility. Latin Kings associating with New York State Bloodline Chapter also identify as the “Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN).” Membership is estimated to be as many as 7,500, divided among several dozen Tribes operating in 15 cities in 5 states. New York State Bloodline Latin Kings share a common culture and structure with KMC and respect them as the Motherland, but not all chapters report to the Chicago leadership hierarchy

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