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Apparently there are some folks out there who aren’t aware of the history of ‘The Wiz,’ and now they’re calling the production racist for having an all-black cast. This has sparked a massive response on Twitter, with users calling out those griping about it not having a white cast.

This is totally ridiculous, but sadly true that some people on Twitter are upset that the Dec. 3 production of The Wiz Live! on NBC features an all-black cast and are calling it a case of reverse racism. The Wiz is an African-American take on the all-white The Wizard Of Oz, and the Broadway production as well as the 1978 film featured an all-black cast. This is nothing new, but apparently to some on Twitter, it’s a big deal.

Thanks to the internet age and social media, people are able to take a non-issue like the fact that The Wiz is an all-black production and turn it into an issue of racism. We were pretty surprised by some of the tweets we came across as excitement for the NBC live production caused it to trend on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of some of the outrageous statements:

Black can’t have anything without white people wanting to be included. All black cast or not, who owns NBC?

So who really made all the money from The Wiz?