A group of shoplifters from Merrimack, N.H. hit the lick of a lifetime when they absconded from a Nike outlet with more than $3,600 worth of sneakers and apparel.

It all went down at the Nike Store at the Merrimack Premium Outlets, where WMUR says that a group of six spent 90 minutes going in and out of the store as they continued to snatch more merchandise. In total, police say that 24 pairs of LeBron sneakers worth $150 apiece were stolen.

Clearly, this group knew what they were doing, and a police lieutenant says they actually came in with a strategy. “It would appear as though one person was in charge of placing the items in the bag while the others would stand around and cause a little shield for the person. Then, the bag would be handed to somebody else. They would exit the store, empty it and come back,” the lieutenant said.

Making the story even more bizarre is the fact that one of the women involved in the theft came in looking for a missing child afterwards. “Very likely, an employee approached them, so they left area, thinking to themselves, ‘If we cause this diversion, no one will coming looking for us,'” police said.