It is well known that having pets can bring their owners several benefits, both psychologically and emotionally. They have the ability to affect our cognitive, emotional and social developments, serve us company during the hard times of our lives, and even help us to be more active! People with pets generally exhibit healthier characteristics than non-pet owners. They tend to have better self esteem and feel less lonely, since their pets serve as companions and also as conversation starters when meeting potential new friends. Pets also encourage us to move around and go outside more with their needs for physical exercise. They can even have some physical benefits such as a greater tolerance to allergies and lower blood pressure levels. But, despite all of these positive reasons for having pets, there are still some precautions to take when we have animals in our homes. Dogs have a much larger tolerance to bacteria, germs, and viruses than humans do, and they have some habits that would be considered dangerous for humans. So next time you let your dog lick all over your face or have a bite of your sandwich, remember that there are some diseases that can carry from them to you. Young children and elderly adults are more prone to all of these diseases, as well as others, since their immune system is weaker than that of the average adult. Never forget to make sure your beloved pet is as healthy as can be, but remember that their immune system is different from yours, and take the needed precautions to ensure that you don’t catch anything from them.