They say New York Hip-Hop is falling off, and although to some extent I might agree, I have my moments where I disagree completely.  Ya’ll remember when nearly everything that came out of NY was dope, gritty, street corner, life stories over boom bap?  Those days were ill.  We still have emcees out here who actually take pride in the art though.  It’s just a matter of paying attention.

With that said, my homie, Thru, keeps real Hip-Hop alive by consistently dropping good music and FIIIIIRE visuals.  On this joint, Spkilla flipped a classic Nas sample, and Thru’s vocals complimented the beat and repped hard for Queens and New York in general.

Check out the video for Thru – Load Up the Mic

produced by Spkilla
New single off #OSYN3
Directed By A1VISION


Cop Load Up The Mic here